The website for distillers of industrial alcohol, neutral beverage spirits, fuel ethanol, whisky/whiskey, gin, rum, tequila, brandy, pisco, aguardiente, ouzo, shochu, soju, arak, raki, etc.

This site embraces distilleries producing alcohol ("ethyl alcohol" or "ethanol") for beverage, fuel and industrial uses. It provides links to the home pages of distilleries and fuel-ethanol plants located in various countries around the world, and to related organizations and other services, including distillery auctions and used-equipment dealers.


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For Sale: Used Bio-Ethanol plant in Eastern Europe

Links to websites of Distilleries, Fuel Ethanol Plants and Related Companies Worldwide

Specifications, Definitions, and Regulations, for the Composition of Beverage, Industrial and Fuel Alcohol Products in Various Countries Worldwide

Distillery / Fuel Ethanol Related Organizations and Web Resources

Distillery / Fuel Ethanol Related Services and Suppliers

Distillery / Fuel Ethanol Related Newsletters, Magazines and Other Publications 

The Alcohol Trade Page - Links to alcohol traders and brokers

Surplus and Used Equipment for Distilleries and Fuel-ethanol Plants

Research / Education / Training Courses

Distillery Vocabulary (English to Spanish) - A vocabulary of technical terms and abbreviations used in the industry

Vocabulario de la Destileria (espanol al ingles) - Un lista de terminos tecnicos y abreviaciones  

The Alcohol Glossary - Meanings of technical terms and abbreviations used in the industry.

Material Safety Data Sheets for Ethanol and Other Compounds

OSHA Exposure Limits for Ethanol/Ethyl Alcohol

Chemical and Physical Properties of Ethanol and Other Compounds

US Federal and State Fuel Ethanol Laws, Regulations and Incentives

U.S. Government Departments and Agencies

U.S. State Alcoholic Beverage Control Agencies

Canadian Federal and Provincial Governments, etc.

Foreign Embassies and International Organizations

Katzen International, Inc.
The world's leading designers of distillation systems

World Distilleries Guide 2004/5

published July 1, 2004

Used / Unused
distillation equipment

Murtagh & Associates

Alcohol-Production Consultants

Maas Companies Inc.  
For information on the latest distillery and fuel-ethanol plant equipment sales and auctions.

Lallemand Ethanol Technology Inc.
develops, produces, and markets a range of products and services for alcohol production.

Lallemand Ethanol Technology Institute, Inc.
serving the industry with educational activities

World Fuel Ethanol
- Analysis and Outlook

A  review by Dr. Christoph Berg of F.O. Licht, Commodity Analysts.
(April 2004)



Search Engines
A comprehensive selection of meta-search systems, all-in-one pages and major  global search engines, together with numerous country-specific search engines


We would be pleased to hear from you, if you have any suggestions for information which may be added to this website, or if you know of any distillery, fuel-ethanol plant or supplier web pages which are not listed here. 

This website has been created, built up and sponsored by Murtagh & Associates, beverage, fuel and industrial alcohol production consultants originally based in Winchester, Virginia, U.S.A. Before his death in January 2003, Dr. John Murtagh, the principal consultant at Murtagh & Associates, was an editor of the The Alcohol Textbook and the first edition of the Worldwide Distilleries Guide.

The website is now retained by Alltech Inc. who wish to maintain the website in its present format
as a lasting memorial to Dr. John Murtagh.

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